My Story......

As far back as I can remember, these cookies had been part of my childhood at every occasion and celebration.  My great-grandmother, Maggie, lovingly made and shared her cookies with everyone throughout her life. The cookies didn't have a specific name in our family.  We just started calling them "grandma cookies: because she was the only one who made them.

After she passed away in 1980, no one in our family continued the tradition,  That was, until one day, more than 20 years later, when my older daughter was preparing to make her First Holy Communion.  I wanted to make this celebration special for her and started thinking about those wonderful "grandma cookies" I had growing up.  I found a copy of the recipe among a collection of my grandmother's (Maggie's daughter) recipes.  Unfortunately for me, "the recipe" was nothing more than a list of ingredients and little description of how to make them.

Strange but true, no one in our family witnessed how great-grandmom made the cookies.  She would have been more than happy to show one of us, had we asked.  We thought she would be around forever.

I decided to try and hope for the best and can recall saying a prayer and asking for her guidance and help.  After a few tries and some taste testing, Grandma Cookies were reborn.

When I began selling the cookies.  I wanted to share my family tradition.  I wanted to rekindle childhood memories for anyone fortunate enough to have had a grandmother, aunt, friend or neighbor who made a cookie similar to this one.